TEAM 45 45 LEAGUE - T62 Scheduled Games

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Division R# When White Team White Black Black Team Bd
U1600 Erg Playoffs10Sat, Nov 01, 11:00Knights of NiBuford-Julep-SignalmanMagnum Ignotum1
U1600 Erg Playoffs10Sat, Nov 01, 17:00Magnum Ignotumevan7284-bayoumicardio10Knights of Ni4
U1600 Erg Playoffs10Sat, Nov 01, 17:30Knights of Nipauliewoll-rayonline53Magnum Ignotum3
U1800 Aquatic Playoffs10Sun, Nov 02, 15:00ScorchingIcefkramer-LazyPeonSTC Material2
U1800 Aquatic Playoffs10Sun, Nov 02, 15:00STC Materialsubterfuge-chessfish1ScorchingIce3
U1800 Aquatic Playoffs10Sun, Nov 02, 21:30ScorchingIceOzymandiasVII-GivePeasAChanceSTC Material4