TEAM 45 45 LEAGUE - T78 Scheduled Games

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Division R# When White Team White Black Black Team Bd
U1800 Angel4Tue, Oct 16, 10:00RedDeMate Bkabindra1:0ElmaestroLe Chocco Bunnies4
U1400 Mars4Tue, Oct 16, 11:00Valar Morghulis U1400smsxman0:1chuckh2DHLC - CC&T U14003
U1800 Iguazu4Tue, Oct 16, 19:00Dark Moonkllrchris-learnedberry1ScorchingIce4
U1600 Gibson4Tue, Oct 16, 19:00STC GoldDaveTheRook-PortolaChaotic Equations2
U1400 Jupiter4Wed, Oct 17, 10:00Bills U1400dabodhi-clarinetrefDragons-U14003
U1800 Iguazu4Wed, Oct 17, 20:00ScorchingIceManas-WillCDark Moon3