TEAM 45 45 LEAGUE - T63 Scheduled Games

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Division R# When White Team White Black Black Team Bd
U1200 Galactic Playoffs9Sat, Jan 31, 16:30Save the KingKandor1:0RobertBuiceHastings3
U1400 Planetary Playoffs9Sat, Jan 31, 17:30RedDeMate Folivermx1:0MasterDWhatitbelike4
U1600 Erg Playoffs9Sun, Feb 01, 09:00MiddleEarthFolkConstrictor-caglarLe Rampant Rooks2
U1800 Aquatic Playoffs9Sun, Feb 01, 10:00Aqua DuctsIntemperate-achessmanDiscovered Mates U18001
U1800 Aquatic Playoffs9Sun, Feb 01, 12:00Discovered Mates U1800CaoCao-MrShawAqua Ducts2
U1800 Aquatic Playoffs9Sun, Feb 01, 14:00Aqua DuctsPhilly-Boy-FranklyDiscovered Mates U18003
U1400 Planetary Playoffs9Sun, Feb 01, 15:00RedDeMate Fpcvan-bluesunWhatitbelike2
U1600 Erg Playoffs9Mon, Feb 02, 15:00Gomers Pawn Starsparrot9-Chess-BoyAsesinos de los Reyes II2
U1800 Aquatic Playoffs9Mon, Feb 02, 15:00The HighlandersAgarnez-LazyPeonSTC Material1
U1400 Planetary Playoffs9Mon, Feb 02, 17:00Whatitbelikedivy7-QuieroAprenderRedDeMate F1
U1200 Galactic Playoffs9Mon, Feb 02, 19:45Save the Kingtamky70-AquamanHastings1
U1200 Galactic Playoffs9Tue, Feb 03, 15:00Hastingsartspir-jaybird44Save the King4
U1400 Planetary Playoffs9Tue, Feb 03, 16:30WhatitbelikeBizzy-Ketty-JOFRANRedDeMate F3