TEAM 45 45 LEAGUE - T62 Scheduled Games

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Division R# When White Team White Black Black Team Bd
U1600 Erg Playoffs9Thu, Oct 23, 16:30STC Goldmattp1081/2sockbufKnights of Ni2
U1600 Erg Playoffs9Fri, Oct 24, 10:00Knights of NiBuford-Julep-Bryant-LSTC Gold1
U1600 Erg Playoffs9Fri, Oct 24, 16:30Knights of Nipauliewoll-pokerramSTC Gold3
U1200 Galactic Playoffs9Fri, Oct 24, 21:00The Crowning Touchprincevultan2-jjacoCrusaderCaissa4
U1800 Aquatic Playoffs9Fri, Oct 24, 21:30STC MaterialGivePeasAChance-tightfistScorchingIce4
U1400 Planetary Playoffs9Sat, Oct 25, 08:00Maxwell's EquationsSeniorCitizen-GilguliKing Pawn and Rook U14003
U1600 Erg Playoffs9Sat, Oct 25, 10:00Magnum IgnotumSignalman-ausyaWhatitbelike1
U1400 Planetary Playoffs9Sat, Oct 25, 10:00King Pawn and Rook U1400houseofcook-g8wrbMaxwell's Equations2
U1800 Aquatic Playoffs9Sat, Oct 25, 13:00STC MaterialLazyPeon-fkramerScorchingIce2
U1600 Erg Playoffs9Sat, Oct 25, 14:00Whatitbelikeanna-ticopatzerMagnum Ignotum2
U1200 Galactic Playoffs9Sat, Oct 25, 16:30The Crowning TouchMasterD-dabodhiCrusaderCaissa2
U1400 Planetary Playoffs9Sun, Oct 26, 19:00Maxwell's Equationsunclevinny-QuieroAprenderKing Pawn and Rook U14001
U1600 Erg Playoffs9Sun, Oct 26, 20:00STC GoldMegasus-bayoumicardio10Knights of Ni4
U1600 Erg Playoffs9Mon, Oct 27, 18:30Magnum Ignotumrayonline53-sanjay2000Whatitbelike3
U1800 Aquatic Playoffs9Mon, Oct 27, 20:00ScorchingIcegtmorton-ShanghaiedSTC Material1