TEAM 45 45 LEAGUE - T64 Scheduled Games

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Division R# When White Team White Black Black Team Bd
U1600 Erg Playoffs8Fri, Apr 24, 18:30Dragons-U1600tryanything1/2elessarMiddleEarthFolk3
U1800 Aquatic Playoffs8Fri, Apr 24, 19:00Mediterranean SailorsBrerRabbit1/2victoriosanChessUy4
U1800 Aquatic Playoffs8Fri, Apr 24, 20:15Le Chocco Bunniesfledermaus1/2TerryMalloyAsesinos de los Reyes2
U1400 Planetary Playoffs8Sat, Apr 25, 06:00Motley Crewtryanything-parrot9Eds LeChess Cuttings1
U2000 Arbor Playoffs8Sat, Apr 25, 08:00Pawn To Be WildTileGuy-IntemperateForking Hell!1
U1800 Aquatic Playoffs8Sat, Apr 25, 08:00ChessUydrbishop-zap2Mediterranean Sailors3
U1600 Erg Playoffs8Sat, Apr 25, 08:30MiddleEarthFolkHal2001-PostMikeDragons-U16004
U1200 Galactic Playoffs8Sat, Apr 25, 11:00RedDeMate GKandor-UkuThe Crowning Touch3
U2200 Mountain Playoffs8Sat, Apr 25, 11:30To Be DeterminedMonterrey-nitishdasGolden Pawns A4
U1200 Galactic Playoffs8Sat, Apr 25, 11:30RedDeMate GLeon13-ethan0627The Crowning Touch1
U1400 Planetary Playoffs8Sat, Apr 25, 12:00Eds LeChess CuttingsPsyMar-mkogaMotley Crew4
U1200 Galactic Playoffs8Sat, Apr 25, 14:00The Crowning TouchLegomaster-AndaluzRedDeMate G2
U1600 Erg Playoffs8Sat, Apr 25, 14:30Magnum Ignotumwerty-skuhl99King Pawn and Rook4
U1800 Aquatic Playoffs8Sat, Apr 25, 18:00Le Chocco BunniesInnes-clarinetrefAsesinos de los Reyes4
U1400 Planetary Playoffs8Sat, Apr 25, 19:00Motley CrewShadowKing-BrerRabbitEds LeChess Cuttings3
U1800 Aquatic Playoffs8Sun, Apr 26, 01:30ChessUyAgarnez-room-mattMediterranean Sailors1
U1800 Aquatic Playoffs8Sun, Apr 26, 11:00Asesinos de los ReyesCaptK-JoneseyLe Chocco Bunnies3
U1600 Erg Playoffs8Sun, Apr 26, 11:00King Pawn and Rookpishd-ticopatzerMagnum Ignotum1
U1400 Planetary Playoffs8Sun, Apr 26, 11:00Mate on the Horizon U1400Visin-JOFRANRedDeMate F2
U1400 Planetary Playoffs8Sun, Apr 26, 11:00Mate on the Horizon U1400varavind-Leon13RedDeMate F4
U2000 Arbor Playoffs8Sun, Apr 26, 12:00Forking Hell!Greedy-Reedy-no2Pawn To Be Wild4
U1600 Erg Playoffs8Sun, Apr 26, 13:00Le Rampant Rookskingphisch-Bizzy-KettyWhatitbelike4
U2200 Mountain Playoffs8Sun, Apr 26, 15:00Golden Pawns ABubacik-searchforbobby1To Be Determined3
U1600 Erg Playoffs8Sun, Apr 26, 15:00Gomers Pawn StarsVisin-ChesslovThe Red Knights4
U1800 Aquatic Playoffs8Sun, Apr 26, 16:00Mediterranean SailorsGoli-AxagusChessUy2
U1600 Erg Playoffs8Sun, Apr 26, 16:00MiddleEarthFolkConstrictor-PackerfanDragons-U16002
U1400 Planetary Playoffs8Sun, Apr 26, 16:00RedDeMate Fdrsigmund1-MateIn42Mate on the Horizon U14003
U2000 Arbor Playoffs8Sun, Apr 26, 18:00RedDeMate Bprimerpaso-dmarcolinoCX Petropolis4
U1600 Erg Playoffs8Sun, Apr 26, 19:30Le Rampant RooksJyzzslynggur-tornado100Whatitbelike2
U2000 Arbor Playoffs8Mon, Apr 27, 14:30CX Petropolismarceloeinhorn-f5RedDeMate B1
U1600 Erg Playoffs8Mon, Apr 27, 14:30The Red KnightsNathan-L-SaltofLifeGomers Pawn Stars1
U1600 Erg Playoffs8Mon, Apr 27, 15:00Gomers Pawn Starsparrot9-zap2The Red Knights2
U1600 Erg Playoffs8Mon, Apr 27, 15:00Magnum Ignotumevan7284-BleddynKing Pawn and Rook2
U2200 Mountain Playoffs8Mon, Apr 27, 16:00Golden Pawns AZkid-justinchessTo Be Determined1
U1200 Galactic Playoffs8Mon, Apr 27, 20:30The Crowning Touchprincevultan2-rgadouryRedDeMate G4
U2000 Arbor Playoffs8Mon, Apr 27, 21:00Pawn To Be Wildnikenwidiartto-GilliganForking Hell!3
U1600 Erg Playoffs8Tue, Apr 28, 12:00Dragons-U1600nilobasenji-deepfortMiddleEarthFolk1
U2000 Arbor Playoffs8Tue, Apr 28, 12:15Forking Hell!gtmorton-PuzzleMasterPawn To Be Wild2
U1600 Erg Playoffs8Tue, Apr 28, 16:30WhatitbelikeJasonModer-otherookLe Rampant Rooks1