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RatingHandleU2000U1800U1600U1400U1200# Teams
1931Knight77 U2000 U1800 U1600     2
1712a-man   U1800 team     3
1681Manas   U1800       1
1619cayo89 U2000 U1800       1*
1610Chessfish   U1800 team     2
1583evan7284   U1800       3
1505anishio   U1800 team     3
1363ocelotl     U1600 U1400 U1200 1*
1292dalmata       U1400   1
1277murimeesoo       U1400   1
1198CMAlge     U1600     2
1073stantheman59     U1600 team team 3
1040rhayder     U1600 team U1200 3

* means: next forfeit will suspend player from tournament.
Reliability Rating - See Statutes, Section 17(B).

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