Tournament 54  -  Round 7

Round Dates: Sep 25 - Oct 02 2012
Galactic U1200
Messier Division   Galactic U1200 Section
Division TD - Zumbi  Section TD - QueensCounselor
Round 7
The Wings U1200 2:2 Fishers of Men U1200
 fuzzface1285 White1/2  JRussell21250 Black
 GideonL1244 Black0:1  Just-Jim1231 White
 tamky701175 White1/2  kingsrook1181 Black
 theartist1084 Black1:0  bowwrestler1128 White
Bye 2:2 RollingRooks
White1/2  Conjurer1344 Black
Black1/2  guyd521258 White
White1/2  carolinaknight1011 Black
Black1/2  wekabird951 White
The Actualizers 3:1 The Crowning Touch
 joshq031302 White1:0  Littlemon1220 Black
 moodle1255 Black1:0  Goldenberg1174 White
 IPWN1167 White0:1  vjbaker1150 Black
 mc99991036 Black1:0  MasterD1101 White
Hastings 1.5:2.5 Yet Another Pawnshop 
 sockmonkey1298 White1:0  Cicero1285 Black
 semperfi1096 Black1/2  arconia1174 White
 RobertBuice975 White0:1  lawth31143 Black
 artspir961 Black0:1  chips1127 White