Team 45 45 League
Team 45 45 League

Serious Chess and Team Spirit on the ICC

Steering Committee members:
      Permanent Members:  DaveTheRook (chair), bmw2002. chesskix, Kingofknights, rgadoury, BosqueVerde (Emeritus)
      General Members: charles-allen, fledermaus, Invicta-knight, VictorRed

Standing Subcommittee (Rules):
      rgadoury (chair), chesskix, Invicta-Knight, VictorRed

Standing Subcommittee (Technology):
     bmw2002 (chair), chesskix, DaveTheRook, fledermaus, rgadoury

The role and purpose of the Steering Committee is to manage the affairs of the league, to set its direction and expansion, see to its advertisement and management, write the Constitution, Statutes and Handbooks, and review the rulings of the previous Oversight Committee. This is the ultimate governing body of Team 45 45 League with all rights and responsibilities. (Article III of the League Constitution)

League Members may stay informed of potential rules changes by watching this page. Prior to voting results being displayed here, members may make their comments known by notifying any Steering Committee member, who may choose to forward your comments to the Steering Committee. The Committee members will not disclose any details of the Committee discussions. 

Item 1.  T70 Tournament Parameters - Approved

Item 2.   Addition of to the statutes to authorize SC to experiment with Section limit changes. - Approved

Item 3.  A motion to change the ICC prize fund distribution. - Approved

Item 1. T70 tournament parameters

T70: August 6 to November 22, 2016

Time Control: 45 45
Sections: 6 (U1200, U1400, U1600, U1800, U2000, U2200)
Rounds: 6 - (possibly 7) followed by Playoffs

, Ratings “fixed” and Profiles Open
, Team entries open
, Team entries close
, Round 1 starts
, End of Playoff 4

Count of team RR reductions (if any) precedes board removal tiebreak.
Tiebreak board removal rules start with board 4 this tournament

Playoff rounds may be delayed, section by section, for late finishing games and outstanding appeals.

No Adjournment week during playoffs.

Note.—Per Administrative Rule 13, all Tuesday (and Sunday) deadlines are 17:00 ICC time.

Playing dates:  See schedule

Before voting on the parameters, the results of a survey of team captains and assistance was conducted to determine the interest in changing the section limits, from the present 1200-2200 to possibly 1300-2100, or changing the U2200 to an "Open" section by setting the floor rating at 1900. There were 34 responses out of 103 polled. 

The final Tournament Parameter vote was six votes for A (no change), two votes for B (lower U2200 floor) and one abstain. Three members would have liked to take a longer look at the "Odd" sections, ie. U1300-U2100. We may revisit the question after entries for T70 are finalized and take more time to consider alternatives.

Item 2.  A statute addition to authorize SC to experiment with Section limit changes.

Problem. The changes to section limits being discussed in the T70 Tournament Parameters are in contradiction to Section 4.C.v of the statutes, which places limits on each section’s allowable rating range.

Solution. Propose that Section be added to the statutes, as follows:

Section The Section Parameters defined in 4.C.v may be modified from time to time for experimentation. The modifications, made on a section by section basis, shall be defined in each tourney’s Tournament Parameters.

 Motion passed by a vote of 6 to 0, three not voting.

Item 3.  A motion to change the ICC prize fund distribution

Problem. Currently every section receives the same ICC prizes, two-month account extensions for all players and captain on the Section Champion team and one-month account extensions for the “runnerup” team, either the second place team in a single division Section or the loser of the final round of the playoff in each Section that has one. The general objection to this prize format is the uneven distribution of prize money among sections of disparate size. Some have argued that it is not the players’ or teams’ fault that a section had no playoffs due to lack of entries, and that the champion team in such a “single-division/section should receive the “playoff” prize as well.

Solution. Change the prize structure by (1) separating regulation play from playoff play, (2) reward winning teams in both categories, and (3) add playoff excitement to the small Sections by modifying  Section 6.A.iii to require playoffs in any division/section of seven or fewer teams.

Essentially, under this solution, Regulation Play and Playoff Play are two independent entities in the same tourney.

Proposed.  That one-month account extensions be awarded to all division champions in all Sections. That additional one-month account extensions be awarded to all Section playoff champions. That 6.A.iii of the statutes be modified to require playoff matches between the 1st and 2nd place finishers in any division/section of seven or fewer teams in order to earn prizes. And that even a two-team division would require a playoff match to earn the extra account extension.

Approved 8-0

So as not to conflict with other parts of Section 6 - Championship Playoffs, Section 6.D was added to cover current ICC prize fund policy: It is as follows, subject to SC suggested rewording.

Section 6.D. (new) Currently our sponsor ICC awards one- or two-month account extensions to the players and captain of qualified teams, and to individuals in recognition of their service to the league. Playoff procedures described in C. above may be modified to accommodate prize structure offered by ICC or other sponsors of the league. Methods other than what are given here will be set in the Tournament Parameters of each tourney. Each tourney is divided into two parts, regulation play and playoff play, with separate awards in each part. There are no restrictions on how many one-month extensions a player may accumulate in a tourney. Red Carded players are disqualified from any awards.

  1. In regulation play all division champions in all Sections will receive one-month account extensions.
  2. All Sections of 8 or more teams forming multiple divisions will conduct playoffs as described in A. and B. above. The winning playoff team will receive one-month account extensions. If a “wild card” team wins the playoff, this is the only prize the team receives in that section.
  3. Sections with 3 to 7 teams form only one division. The playoff procedure described in a 7-team division/section (6.A.iii) will be applied in any 3-6 team division/section as well, a playoff match between the 1st and 2nd place teams.  The winner of the playoff will receive one-month account extensions as the Section Champion.
  4. Handling of a two-team division will be decided on an individual basis. The two teams may be consulted before competition begins as to whether their 6-round match will be “winner take all” or play a 7th match for the "Playoff” portion of the awards.
  5. Two Section-TD of Tournament and six Division-TD of tournament, as well as occasional special recognition awards are presented to individuals: they receive one-month account extensions. They are listed in the "Past Champions" page. ”¶ SC 69-70





Sponsors: Prizes donated by ICC