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Message from ICC user ToniMostarda
Hi! Just played my first  4545 tourn (T63). My team did not go  to the  playoffs.-:) In  spite of that I really  enjoy the League.  5 stars organization. Congratulations to you and to the other  officers  and helpers. 

adypady: YYAY!
adypady: I saved my team

Division TDs. Daily check of forums and make sure all is decorum - Rookmaster

Dagambiter told you: By the way TREMENDOUS job you guys have done. The way the Team 4545 is run is reason enough to warrant the switch from another unnamed no cost server.

You told Dagambiter:   Thanks! 

Dagambiter told you: No, thank you guys! It really has the feel of an OTB tourney now.

Pawndemonium(345): There was a fine lad Russ Gadoury...
Pawndemonium(345): Who's chess league was his call to glory....
Pawndemonium(345): through flawless technique...
Pawndemonium(345): he would prey on the weak....
Pawndemonium(345): and he really could tell a great story.

This message was sent from Changuito-77

I want to say thanks to everybody for inviting me to your team. It was my first tournament and I really enjoyed and had fun. I hope to hear from you soon!. best wishes.

Kenzo2(345): how long until the next tournament because for some of us this one ends next week? . . .  now i have had a taste I want more :)

viking99 whispers: woohoo league action is back !!

NFork whispers: Yeah, u can say that again ! :)

NFork whispers: Finally there is some life

SargentBono told you:  hello!  i am playing my first tourn in the League.  May I congratulate your for runnig the best group in ICC?   Everything is really superb except for one thing:   I got mated in R 4 (:

MrLee tells you: Hello! I am new to this site and I am playing T 29 in the League. May I congratulate you for the wonderful job that you have been made. The League is the best place for serious players from beginners to experts in ICC :)

MaunaKeaMike(345): Here's a shout out to all the guys and girls who make T4545 possible. Great work, all! And the website is way cool.

Channel musings at the start of T29, round 1:

Klowe(345): are you allowed to study your upcoming opponent's games in their history/library prior to the game?

BosqueVerde(345): of course.

Sir-Knightly(345): i got out of bed just to see the pairings :)

BosqueVerde(345): Klowe, not only can you study their history, the league website has all of their previous league games.

CogitoErgoSum(345): It's true!

az2112(345): Shhhhh...Don't give away all the trade secrets...

CogitoErgoSum(345): You can look what openings to study and improve your chess knowledge and your opening knowledge all at the same time. That's why the league is so fantastic!

twintower(345): i'm depressed, i was told i was going to play the first round but i'm not paired :(

DBTaylor(340): I can't wait for T29 now... got hooked

fledermaus(345): I've seen blunders in Mountain the Galactic players would be envious of. 


Haha--last match of the season and we win. Go figure. Congrats guys!! I have to say--this tourney has been a huge learning experience for me. You guys have all done great--it was a pleasure playing for this team. On a less happy note--we did knock a team out of their playoff chances :-(. I feel kinda bad for them. And we didn't even play our top boards (!). Thanks for the experience guys--enjoy the rest of the tourney!!

PS Good luck in your last game Jazzyjoe!!


siddhu tells you: my comment - (Team 45 45 League) is a new dimension of internet chess. It is not only your level of play but it is others too! But the one thing guaranteed in (the League) is drama and high levels of excitement. I have experienced this in my 5 (League) events I have played from T22-T26. Well done (Team 45 45 League), keep it up!

Rossinantes vs. Quoyle : jorobo whispers: what an utterly amazing game! I'm glad i stayed up late. (ed note: It might have been this one, or maybe this one)

I just wanted to let you guys know that I really enjoyed my first tourney at Team 45 45. Everything ran very smoothly and was run professionally. I have yet to meet a rude opponent or one who does not respond to suggested times in a timely manner. Keep up the good work!


A quote form a participant: EquesQuartus(36): If I may, I would like to say that I really like the structure of the Team 45 45 website. It's very easy to browse through everything including the games. Great stuff!

PhillyTutor (ICC) said on ChessFM,  I would say "The online slow leagues are a terrific place to find slow games on the internet. An excellent example is the 4545 League. Not only are you assured of getting a slow game online, but you get the extra benefit that you are on a team, and thus have the additional team score interest as well as the comaraderie of your teammates, which is always fun and adds something to playing chess. For example, consider that the US Amateur Team East is one of the most successful over-the-board events; my son calls this "The best tournament by far".

10: rgadoury tells you: Bosq is B A  A  A  C C C  K K K  1:0   Too far back! 0:1 :-(

Kingofknights tells you: you know, this guy Sandia, he set up the site and bot, right?
/Tell Kingofknights! yes
Kingofknights tells you: I'm really impressed with his work......I vote we give him a raise.
/Tell Kingofknights! He'll appreciate that. :-)
six-killer tells you: hi, bud; you busy?
/Tell six-killer! no
six-killer tells you: just wanted to thank you again; opponent agreed to reschedule
/Tell six-killer! great.
six-killer tells you: you are doing a great job; i am going to recommend you for a raise
/Tell six-killer! that is funny. I just sent in a similar quote from KingofKnights regarding Sandiacaveman, to put on the front page of the web. :-)
six-killer tells you: well then, now you have 2 raises coming

Exchange between top rated Quoyle (2484) and Bosqueverde (1159).

Fun tidbit for your morning reading...Not only did the league's top player watch our game, but then he has nice things to say to the league's near bottom feeder.

Quoyle(36): Nice game today, btw, BosqueVerde...Only next time, please don't play nice games against Magnum Ignotum players :(

BosqueVerde(36): Thank you.  It had been a long time since I had played a nice game.  You are associated with M. Ig?  So that's why I had the honor of your presence in the observers gallery?
(told 49 people)

Quoyle(36): Yes, I am on a MI team :)

BosqueVerde(36): Quoyle, post game ChessMaster analysis didn't like most of my last several moves at all. (told 51 people)

Quoyle(36): Well, even a good game has flaws, BV...I've never come close to playing a perfect game...But I liked the way you built up your position... At that pt, you had various ways to win

BosqueVerde(36): Wow, thank you.   I'll have to take a look again.

In looking over the game, I recalled that I was thinking about some positional matters that I don't usually give much consideration. 

Russell and Dave, 

I played in T22, missed T23 and returned in T24. 

In that short time that I was away, there have been many improvements in Team 45 45 league play.  Three that help every player are the improvements Game Forum, the rapid posting of results and the expanded divisions.  I am sure there are many other improvements not obvious to me. 

Thanks for your vision, leadership, hard work and the volunteers who have made these improvements possible.  

Donald Barrus
Whacker on ICC

"This tournament is my first as a team member. I've been surprised at the extra pressure being on a team brings. I imagine a playoff match will have even more pressure.  I think I'm enjoying this."  (Garry) 

"My first time in a tournament as well. I came on as a sub and played the last four rounds. And, yes, the pressure does seem to build, and, yes, I'm enjoying this too."  (Mississippian)

Gomer whispers:"play board three this round" they said...  " It'll b fine" they said... hehehe I'm not listening to 'they' anymore

"I am looking forward to playing in the league. It's been a long time (almost 10 years!) since I played chess at such a slow time control, and I am looking forward to playing some real chess again. :) (Quoyle, 2507)

"I am not sure what I am expected to say. It is the first time I have played a game on the Internet and felt the electric atmosphere that one finds in person to person tournaments. I am looking forward to my next match. I have a good team captain. I could feel his presence and support throughout the game." (pick)

g8wrb says:

"I wonder if I have the dubious honour of being mated in the fewest moves. Just 13 moves and I was checkmated." 



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