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Privacy Policy

Team 45 45 League has taken many steps to enhance your privacy while you participate in our events. This policy will not limit our actions when needed in order to comply with law enforcement investigations, legal orders, or when otherwise deemed necessary for the safety of any member.

Why does the Profile Update ask age?

We ask your age before allowing you to submit information on a player profile because players under 13 need parental permission to proceed.  For your privacy and protection, your answer to this question will not be visible to anyone but the youth coordinators of the League.  For more information on children's privacy, see children's privacy.

What is done with my other information?

E-mail Address -  First, when your captain enters your team to play in a specific tournament, each member of that team is sent an automated e-mail confirming the team's entry. This announcement distributes your e-mail address to your team members.

Second, when anyone makes a post to your game forum, you will receive an automated e-mail copy of that post.

Third, we send periodic announcements about our tournaments to the e-mail address you provide.  We hope that these announcements keep you informed and enhance your enjoyment of league play.

Other than your own team, only a handful of people (web masters and top league leadership) have access to your e-mail address.  We do not share e-mail addresses with any other organization or business.

Time Zone - This may be displayed in the game forum. Your time zone information is useful in helping you and your opponent arrange a mutually satisfactory time to play your game.

Real Name - Providing this information is optional and is not made public. 

Game Forum -  Several people have access to read your Game Forum message board, and to post messages to it.

Although we hope that all participants will keep any Game Forum information confidential, we have no control over this, so caution should be exercised in mentioning any personal information (name, age, daily schedule, location).

Obviously, you and your opponent post messages and see the whole conversation strand for that game.  Also, both captains and assistant captains have an interest in monitoring the happenings there, and hopefully view it daily.  The TD staff check your Game Forum message board frequently (probably daily), and other members of the League leadership may access it if an issue is brought to their attention.

In addition to the ability to view the whole conversation strand at will, six people (you, your opponent, and both captains and assistant captains) receive automatically generated e-mail announcements whenever anyone posts a message to your Game Forum message board.  Do not forward any of these automated announcements, since they show your password!

Game Schedule - When you and your opponent agree upon a game date and time, that information will be posted on the pairing page and on the pending games page.  When your game begins, it is announced in the League channel, and may be announced in other channels.

If you have questions about your privacy, please contact

If you have questions specific to children's privacy, see Children's Privacy or e-mail

Updated December 2006.

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