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Children's Privacy

If you were directed to this page after submitting a profile, you need to show this page to your parents to get permission to join Team 45 45 League.

This page is written for parents or guardians of children.  For privacy information pertaining to all players, see privacy policy.

Parents:  Because e-mail addresses are needed for effective communication among team members, Team 45 45 League requires the permission of every "child's" parents or legal guardians before they may join and play in the league.   After reading this policy, you may use the "permission slip" found at the bottom of this page.

Practices and Policies of Team 45 45 League:

1. Introduction:  Team 4545 League uses the website to manage its on-line team chess tournaments on the internet chess server, ICC (Internet Chess Club).  Thus, every member is subject to the policies of ICC, including privacy and protection of children.

2. Recommendations to Parents:  Parents or legal guardians are strongly encouraged to monitor their child’s internet communications including those on ICC (e.g. tells, shouts, messages) and League communications (Game Forum posts, team emails, etc). 

They are further encouraged to direct their children to not reveal on line that they are children.

Here are some resources for finding out more about children’s safety on the internet:  and

3.  Children:  The expression “children” as used in the “Practices and Policies of Team 45 45 League” means, in the USA, children under the age of 13, as defined in Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and any equivalent Acts in other countries.

4.  Information Collected:  The website of Team 45 45 league is To facilitate our tournaments and communicate with one another effectively, Team 45 45 League needs certain information from all its players: (1) Handle; (2) Country; (3) Time Zone; and (4) e-mail address. The e-mail address of a parent or legal guardian of any “child” as defined in the first paragraph is also required, in order to verify that the child has permission to join the league.

5.  What we do with your information:  Players’ handles and time zones are publicly displayed in several places. The player’s country may be publicly displayed.

The players’ e-mail addresses are provided to all the players’ team members for their internal communications. All e-mail addresses, including those of “children”, are provided to the teams, but the teams are not told that a player is a child.   We send periodic announcements regarding our tournaments to the player's e-mail address.

E-mail addresses are not publicly displayed on any files on the website. and we do not share e-mail addresses or any other personal information with any other organization or business.

When a child signs up to play, our programming reveals to no one but the youth coordinators that the player is a child.   The youth coordinators will not disclose that information to anyone. A programmer, or in rare circumstances a conference director, might inadvertently come across that information.

6.  Message Board:  Communications between players matched in a game take place on our Game Forum, a kind of bulletin board.  Team captains and division directors also have access to the Game Forum, limited to the current tournament games where they participate. The “Posts” in Game Forum are communicated via e-mail to the various recipients, but the e-mail address itself does not appear.

7.  Chat Channel:  The League has a semi-public chat channel on ICC, channel 345, dedicated to Team 45 45 League. Here news about the league is shared, games are announced, and conversation takes place among participants. Parents should realize that the channel is not continuously monitored.  Volunteers will merely attempt to limit inappropriate conversation when possible. Persistent extremely offensive behavior may result in a person's expulsion from the channel.

8. Contact:  We encourage you to explore all facets of your child’s activity with Team 45 45 League.  You can do that by contacting and by visiting our website.  While we wish to protect your child, the ultimate responsibility for your child is clearly out of our hands.

All e-mails to the above address will be delivered to the youth coordinators: ChessKix and Charles-Allen. All e-mails from any youth coordinator will be cc'd to the other.

9. Parent Permission:If you wish to permit your child to participate in our league and provide the minimum information we require and use it only in the manner we have described, please e-mail the statement at the bottom of this page to

When we receive this permission, the youth coordinator will allow your child to submit a profile, to make updates to the profile, and to play in the League.

You will receive e-mail copies of any profiles your child submits.  You may be asked to reaffirm this permission before the start of a new tournament, and you may contact us at any time to revoke permission.

Statement to e-mail to 

(This is to be e-mailed from the parent/guardian e-mail account):

I/we, the parents or legal guardians of (ICC chess handle)  _________________
permit my/our child to play in Team 45 45 League under the conditions described on

The child’s e-mail address    ______________________________ may be used for team and league notification purposes only.

The parent e-mail address:   ______________________________

Updated March 2007.

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