Team 45 45 League

Team 45 45 League

Serious Chess and Team Spirit on the ICC
Contact Team 45 45 League Officials

To contact your TD, simply make a post in your Game Forum.  Your dTD and SecTD look in each forum at least once each day.

If you feel that you need to send an email, the address is:

<your division>  For playoffs, <section name>

examples: and

If you have concerns about the job your TD is doing, contact the Supervisor of TDs at:

If you believe that your TD has misapplied the rules in a ruling, first make a post explaining.  Then, if he still doesn't see things your way, you can appeal to the Oversight Committee at:

General questions:

Or Send ICC tells or messages to rgadoury

Oversight Committee (appeals)

KingofKnights (chair),
charles-allen (deputy chair)

Chief Tournament Directors

DaveTheRook (Chief TD)
Rgadoury (assistant Chief TD)

Steering Committee (rules)

DaveTheRook (chair)

Entry Clerk:

(Fixed Ratings, team entries, lineups, pairings, standings, game results, procedures)

Supervisor of TD's:

chesskix, (backup: rgadoury)

Liaison to ICC

fpawn / f5

Group Operators of Channel 345 on ICC:

Supervisor: Chesskix.
Others: DaveTheRook, rgadoury

Website Automation and Programming

bmw2002 (chair)


Website Text & League Secretary

Youth Coordinators

(COPPA Compliance, children's privacy)
charles-Allen, chesskix

Ayuda en español


League Historian

Sponsors: Prizes donated by ICC