Team 45 45 League
Team 45 45 League

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Steering Committee members:
      Permanent Members:  DaveTheRook (chair), bmw2002. chesskix, Kingofknights, rgadoury, BosqueVerde (Emeritus)
      General Members: charles-allen, fledermaus, Invicta-knight, VictorRed

Standing Subcommittee (Rules):
      rgadoury (chair), chesskix, Invicta-Knight, VictorRed

Standing Subcommittee (Technology):
     bmw2002 (chair), chesskix, DaveTheRook, fledermaus, rgadoury

The role and purpose of the Steering Committee is to manage the affairs of the league, to set its direction and expansion, see to its advertisement and management, write the Constitution, Statutes and Handbooks, and review the rulings of the previous Oversight Committee. This is the ultimate governing body of Team 45 45 League with all rights and responsibilities. (Article III of the League Constitution)

League Members may stay informed of potential rules changes by watching this page. Prior to voting results being displayed here, members may make their comments known by notifying any Steering Committee member, who may choose to forward your comments to the Steering Committee. The Committee members will not disclose any details of the Committee discussions. 

Item 1.  T73 Tournament Parameters - Approved

Item 1. T73 tournament parameters

T73: June 13 to August 22, 2017

Time Control: 45 45
Sections: 5 (U1200, U1400, U1600, U1800, U2000)
Rounds: 6 - (possibly 7) followed by Playoffs

May 16, 2017, Ratings “fixed” and Profiles Open
May 23, Team entries open
June 6, Team entries close
June 13, Round 1 starts
August 22, 2017, End of Playoff 4

Count of team RR reductions (if any) precedes board removal tiebreak.
Tiebreak board removal rules start with board 1 this tournament

Playoff rounds may be delayed, section by section, for late finishing games and outstanding appeals.

No Adjournment week during playoffs.

Note.—Per Administrative Rule 13, all Tuesday (and Sunday) deadlines are 17:00 ICC time.

Playing dates:  See schedule

As there have been no entries in the U2200 section for the last three tournaments, a motion was made and approved to discontinue offering that section until such time as interest is renewed.

Parameters, with no U2200 Section, was approved 9-0 - May 6, 2017




Sponsors: Prizes donated by ICC