Team 45 45 League

Team 45 45 League

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Steering Committee members:
      Permanent Members:
  DaveTheRook (chair), BosqueVerde, chesskix, rgadoury
      General Members:  , bmw2002, fledermaus, Gomer, Invicta-knight, Kingofknights, RedAttack

Standing Subcommittee (Rules):
      rgadoury (chair), BosqueVerde, chesskix, Invicta-Knight

Standing Subcommittee (Technology):
     bmw2002 (chair), AlPearson, BosqueVerde, chesskix, DaveTheRook, fledermaus, Gomer, rgadoury

The role and purpose of the Steering Committee is to manage the affairs of the league, to set its direction and expansion, see to its advertisement and management, writing the Constitution, Statutes and Handbooks, and reviewing the rulings of the previous Oversight Committee. This is the ultimate governing body of Team 45 45 League with all rights and responsibilities. (Article III of the League Constitution)

League Members may stay informed of potential rules changes by watching this page. Prior to voting results being displayed here, members may make their comments known by notifying any Steering Committee member, who may choose to forward your comments to the Steering Committee. The Committee members will not disclose any details of the Committee discussions.

Item 1  T41 Tournament Parameters - Approved
Item 2  Report of the Computer Use Detection Subcommittee, and editorial revision of Statute 4.E

Item 1. T41 tournament parameters  - Approved
Submitted by the Chief TD:

Time Control: 45 45
Sections: 6 (U1200, U1400, U1600, U1800, U2000, U2200)
Rounds: 6 - (possibly 7) followed by Playoffs

Team entries accepted: April 7-21, 2009.
Team Entry Deadline: April 21, 2009.
Ratings "fixed" Date: March 31, 2009
(Some ratings may be adjusted by the Entry Clerk)

Round 1 Posted: 22:00 April 28, 2009.
Three rounds of playoffs will end July 7, 2009
Count of team RR reductions (if any) precedes board removal tiebreaks.
Tiebreak board removal rules start with board 1 this tournament

APPROVED: 10 yes, 0 no; Mar 12, 2009

Item 2.  Report of the Computer Use Detection Subcommittee.

The Computer Use Detection Subcommittee (CUDS) reported its findings to the Steering Committee and recommended that the methodology it had evaluated should be adopted for use by the league. There were three principle recommendations: (1) Notice to be placed on the profile page and elsewhere that all league games would be examined for possible computer use; (2) Suspect games should be reported to speedtrap; and (3) The league should suspend or ban players on the basis of our own program findings. The methodology and all three recommendations were approved.

Mar 13, 2009

Editorial Revision of Statutes to implement Item 2:
Posted March 18, 2009

4.E.v (new). A player suspected by CUDS of having used computer assistance may be given a red card. At the end of the required suspension the player may be reinstated if the Entry Clerk is able to determine a reasonable fixed rating. Under privacy guidelines of ICC, only the player will be provided with the reason for the red card. There is no appeal of a CUDS-recommended red card.

Under our editorial revision policy, unless a SC member wishes to bring it up for further debate, this change will be incorporated into the Statutes in one week

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