Team 45 45 League

Team 45 45 League

Serious Chess and Team Spirit on the ICC

Team 45 45 League provides team competition to internet chess players who like slow time controls, on the premier place to play chess on the net, the Internet Chess Club.  Join the friendly but serious competition and team spirit for players of all ratings!

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T77 winding down

The T-77 playoffs continue. Finals matches in Arbor, Aquatic, Planetary and Galactic sections were won by Right Angle 45-45, Dark Moon, RedDeMate E and Kill the Queen, respectively. STC Gold and MiddleEarthFolk advanced to the final round in the Erg Section. Champion teams and other award winners in all tournaments can be seen here..

T78 coming soon

Profiles for our next tournament, T78, will open on August 21. You must fill out a profile to enter. Team entries will open August 38 thru September 11. Play begins September 18.

T77 - Games Of The Week

Megasus continues as our GOTW guru for T77: R1R2 , R4R5 ,

R6 THE-WARRIOR v ChessRooklift Difficult choice , comparing a successful Black attack vs a successful White one . I select the Black attack because it was better planned and executed. Black player here saw the sequence well , and took the time to block any potential W threat before he began his Kside push,

P1, P2

What we are about

Sections for Teams of Experts, Novices, and Between!

Four to six players band together as a team, and compete in divisions of 4 – 7 teams in one of six ratings sections.  One round is played per week, for six weeks, from Tuesday to the following Tuesday.  Before each round, each captain decides which four players will play that week against players from the opposing team.

Paired players use a message board ("Game Forum") to discuss the day and time to play their game.  The game is played with a time control of 45 minutes + 45 second increments, rated, with assigned colors. After the round, the team with the most wins (Game Points) wins the round, and earns a Match Point. After six rounds of regulation play, the team with the most Match Points in each Division advances to the playoffs (1-4 more rounds) to determine the Section champions. Division and Section champion teams each earn one-month account extensions donated by ICC.  To join, follow the steps in:  Quick Guide.

Play fair and Play nice!

To ensure a friendly and safe environment for members to enjoy our team competition, Team 45 45 League issues sanctions of varying severity for behavior that "disrupts the peaceful enjoyment of the league by its participants." All league games are reviewed for possible assistance. Anyone who receives a red card for suspected cheating is reported to speedtrap.  League sanctions are summarized in The Docket.


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Team 45 45 League, a world wide fellowship of chess players!


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